Cobra Razors 4 and 6 Blade Replacement Cartridges

Replacement Razor Blades

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Product Description

If you’re going to have a serious razor for your face and head shaving needs then you need some serious replacement blades. These awesome Cobra Razor replacement blades are the seriously awesome blades you need. They have a seamless design so you spend less time removing clogs like in traditional blades (especially when paired with our amazing Shaving Gel with Aloe ). That means you get the best, closest, less irritating shave you were have been looking for. These replacement blades come complete with the best lubricating strip that contains Chamomile, Olive Oil, and Allantoin. This is the perfect blade for the perfect razor, which makes grabbing some a no-brainer.

Flow-Through Blade Construction

 Flow through blade construction means that the open architecture on the reverse of the blade makes for easy cleaning.

Pivoting Head

The pivoting head on Cobra Razors means that the razor will glide ever so smoothly over your head and face, giving you a nice, clean, fresh shave.

Chamomile, Olive Oil, and Allantoin Strip

Chamomile, Olive Oil, and Allantoin make our lubricating strip all natural while still making sure it gives you the best gliding ability you can get. It also means that it helps moisturize your skin.

Seamless Blade Construction

The seamless blade construction means less nicks and cuts and other skin irritations for you!

Corrosion Eliminating Long-Life Blades

These are corrosion eliminating, long-life blades which means you get a bigger bang for your buck when purchasing these. That means you change your blade less often and still get the close shave you expect.


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in
Number of Blades

4 Blades, 6 Blades



3 reviews for Replacement Razor Blades

  1. dave

    This has to be the best shave gel I have ever used. No overwhelming smells and does not dry your skin out. I can’t get over how fast the product was delivered, ordered it on Friday afternoon and received it on Saturday. Highly recommended product.

  2. Mike Hannon

    I love the Cobra razor. It gives a smooth shave that is unbeatable.The design is great. Head or face, it has you covered (or uncovered in this case).I am an old school shaver, still using hot rags and a brush with a soap cake. This fits in well with my process and enhances the experience. Whether you are a ritual shaver like I am, or a utilitarian, get it done quickly and efficiently shaver, This is an awesome tool to add to your collection. You will be impressed.

  3. LeRoy THE MACHINE Walker

    The most dynamic razor on the market !! A far step ahead of the competitor and the starter kit is DEFINATELY the way to go!!

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