Cobra Razors CR1000 Yellow & Black Head Position Side Angled View
Cobra Razor CR1000, face position,back viewCobra Razor CR1000 in face position on stand with 6 blade cartridgeCobra Razor CR1000 with stand and 6 blade cartridgeCobra Razor CR1000, face position, front viewCobra Razor CR1000, face position, side viewCobra Razor CR1000, face position, side angle viewCobra Razor CR1000, head position, front viewCobra Razor CR1000, Head Position, Angled Side View

Head Shaving Razor CR1000

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16 customer reviews


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Product Description


  • Cobra Razor Handle
  • Razor Stand
  • 4 Blade Cartridge
  • 6 Blade Cartridge

If you shave both your face and your head, the Cobra Razor CR1000 is what you’ve been waiting for. The first of its kind, the Cobra Razor CR1000 is the newest, most versatile razor on the market today. Perfectly balanced, expertly contoured for comfort, the CR1000 gives you a close, safe shave every time.

Use the CR1000 as a face razor, and at the touch of a button, it transforms into a palm/head razor for the quickest, easiest, and closest head shave you’ve ever had. Made with the toughest materials, the CR1000 gets the job done quickly with one perfect solution. Throw all of your other razors away, because this is the only one you’ll ever need. Your Cobra Razor includes a handle, stand and both a 4 Blade and a 6 Blade cartridge.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep your Cobra Razor handle functioning like new, and to remove any buildup (such as soap or shaving gel residue) that may impede the function of the thumb-tab and locking mechanism, we recommend a monthly cleaning. Simply soak the razor handle in a solution of warm water and dish soap, then rinse thoroughly

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

Black, Clear, Green

16 reviews for Head Shaving Razor CR1000

  1. Jeff

    I don’t even shave my head and I like it a lot. It shaves really really well and it cleans out really well. The blades last a long time. I am really very happy with my Cobra razor.

  2. daryl m.

    I love my cobra got mine about six months ago didn’t know what to expect at the time. Used it one time and I was hooked for life I will never bye another razor for shaving my head again from the store. Thanks CR for this awesome razor

  3. Milton (verified owner)

    CHRIS!!! OMG!!! My brother!!! I love this razor!!! You have a ( CUSTOMER ) for life!!! Never in my
    16 yrs of shaving have I had a smooth non-irritating shave with a razor like the cobra razor!!! My head doesn’t even hurt!! Mind you, I have sensitive skin and hated to shave and now I’m looking forward to shaving with your product (not to mention your shaving cream and after shave). I can’t thank you enough for your product! Trust me when I say that I will be an ambassador for the cobra razor company.

    Thank you,

  4. Bill Irwin (verified owner)


    You have come up with a fantastic razor.

    Your response to my phone call was returned the same day. To me that says a lot about your customer service.

    I have used the Cobra razor for two weeks. From start to finish it only takes me about two minutes to shave my head. The ability to clean the razor by just running water over it is so easy. I had to use a old toothbrush with all the other razors to get them clean of whiskers. No more fear of cutting my head anymore with the Cobra. I will be a loyal customer for a long long time.

    I wish you, your family, and your Cobra razor business the BEST OF LUCK.
    Keep up the great customer service and you will be in business a long time.

    Bill Irwin
    Tucson, AZ

  5. Ed Koynock

    Hi Chris
    Still loving my Cobra razor- more each time I shave. I went out of town to house sit for a week and forgot I only had my old hb shaver in my travel bag. The difference in the shave was incredible! I’ll never leave home without my Cobra again! Have a great day!

  6. Rick Simmon

    It’s been while since I’ve shaved my head all the way down, normally cause it’s a pain and takes too much time. Lately I’ve just been using some close clippers but that is a pain also cause hair gets everywhere. Now that I’ve tried the Cobra Razor there will be no going back for me, seriously I shaved my entire head and face in about 4 minutes and not one nick, just smoothness. I’m very impressed with this razor to say the least, if you’re like me and debating about going back to or just trying it for the first time, save yourself a lot of trouble and get this razor!

  7. Greg Orman

    Wow, That’s about all I can say!

    I’ll start with the Razor itself. I’ve been shaving my head now for 13 years and have used just about every razor out there, I mean all of them. I’ve tried everything from disposables to straight razors, the Fusion and Mach 3 lines as well as that one brand….You know, the one they “say” is strictly for shaving heads…. Yeah, it’s not.

    Through all of this I found out a few things.

    1. Being bald isn’t cheap… You would think that NOT having hair would be less expensive…. Not even close. The razor I just gave up cost me almost $30.00 when I purchased it and came with 0, yes 0 cartidges!!! For a refill pack of 4 blades it’s over $15!!!!

    2. When a razor under-performs in my kind of applicaion, it’s painfully obvious and can be very embarrassing. Razor bumps and cuts are really hard to miss on a shiny dome!

    Then there was the Cobra!!! I thought for minute that by not having the 2lb vibrating mass of razor I was accustomed to that I may be missing out, not even close!

  8. Andre McKay

    I cant tell you guys how impressed I was when I received my Cobra Razors last week.

    1) The design and functionality of the razor makes sense in every way and i’m totally sold for life.

    2) Comfort, wow, this thing is so comfy to hold and works perfectly for my head and even when I used it for my face and neck area.

    3) Price point, considering this is not only affordable for the quality but it lasts. I’ve used the 6blade razor for 4 head shaves in the last week and a half and the 4blade razor every day for my neck and face.

    Overall: 5/5 stars as these guys really took some serious thought into making not only a stunningly designed product but it’s made for functionality, made to last and so worth the small investment. These razor replacements are way better than my schick and gillette 4 & 5 blade razors and these Cobra Razors last way longer.

    The aloe gel I purchased has kept my neck from the irritating razor bump issue and ingrown hair problem I have had since shaving back in high school.

  9. tbelot44 (verified owner)

    Took the razor out for a test drive and was impressed with the ingenious design of the razor but the also quality of the aloe gel. Used the 6 blade cartridge and was surprised at the ease of use of the razor given the unique shape. Got the close and smooth glide that I expected. The gel was easy to use. Didn’t need that much. I shave at the gym a lot so this combo is a practical way of getting the job done.

  10. Manny Kirby

    Upon using the CobraRazor,
    I found it to be smooth,smooth in the sense that it totally glided ove my face and head.
    I had to look a few times to see if it was shaving anything.
    And when rinsing. I didn’t have to tap on the drink to get the hair out, I just ran it under the water,
    Now my head and face is smooth for another three days or so… Fingers crossed.
    Sometimes the other so called brand names don’t get that close.
    With Cobra Razor, I feel 110% safe in shaving my head. That’s the main problem.
    Thanks Cobra Razor!

  11. Evangeline Deshields

    For years, my husband and I have both used the Gillette Fusion. Since using the Cobra, the Fusion is retired in our household. This is one impressive razor that effectively shaves coarse and fine hair. Excellent product.My son is 12 years old n has some pretty bad acne… A friend had told me about this konjac sponge by cobra razors, I got one right away and he has been using the sponge everyday for about 5 months n his face has improved soo much… Using the sponge, he doesn’t have to use any harsh chemicals on his face… just the sponge n water… highly recommended!!!!thank you cobra razors

  12. Tom D

    Really an excellent product. The handle design is very well thought out for dual head and face use. And the blades have proved to be long lasting. Using the 4 blade after skipping a day of shaving seems to work well and the 6 blade really gets a perfect cut for daily use.

    The shave gel is also a big hit in our house. My wife tried it for her legs and hasn’t turned back.

  13. Dave

    This is an excellent razor. It is very well built, feels great in the hand, and makes shaving my head easier than every other razor that I have used.

  14. dave

    This has to be the best razor I have used. It easily fits in your hand, gives a clean shave and the blades last longer than anything on the market now. Keep up the great work Cobra. Highly recommended product.

  15. Rob

    This razor is excellent! It is well built, and feels great in my hand. It’s easy to control, and makes shaving my head much easier than it has been with the other products that I have tried. I would highly recommend this razor!

  16. sachin dhanda

    I tried CR1000 first time ever on my face only , I havent shaved in a long time as I usually just trim my head and beard , so I dont use razor (Gillette etc ) much. I didnt video my first experience but I was really impressed amd already looking forward to shaving my head a little scared but excited.

    It was really smooth n I didnt cut myself as much as I usually do with gillette . I did take some time to get used to holding it properly I tried a few different ways .

    I really liked it the whole thing it was brilliant trying your range out .

    After shave lotion does sting a little but seems to have actually made cuts non existent and painless.

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