Extreme Comfort for Your Head

Hey, if you’ve reached that point in your life where you’ve decided you look better bald than with the little hair that you have, you’re not alone. Thousands of men just like you have come to the same conclusion. They now embrace their baldness as a new look in an age when bald heads are not just accepted but are stylish. But if you’re new to shaving your head, you may find it a little more challenging than you first imagined. Using a traditional razor can result in nicks and cuts to your scalp. And as you will soon learn, those cuts don’t heal as quickly as they do on your face. To find extreme comfort for your head, you need a Finger Razor for Shaving Head and face that is easy to use while giving you the closest shave possible. Introducing the Cobra Razor! Cobra Razors is the brainchild of Chris Coviello. After years of trying every razor on the market to shave his head, Chris came up with the idea to develop a unique razor that was perfect for shaving not just your head, but your face too. After a year of trial and modification, Chris finally arrived at the razor you see today – the Cobra Razor. The Cobra is a finger razor that is easy to hold and control for shaving your head, and it converts to a traditional handled razor for shaving your face. The four and six precision manufactured blades provide an extra close and extremely comfortable shave for your head and face. It’s the only razor that’s ergonomically designed for ultimate control while shaving, and it’s proudly manufactured right here in America! The Cobra CR1000 razor is an innovative way to shave your head with ultimate accuracy, avoiding the nicks and cuts that accompany disposable razors. The design of the razor allows you to comfortably grip the handle between your fingers, offering better control while shaving the contour of your scalp. The multi-blade razor cartridge provides a super-close shave for both your head and face. You won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars trying out different razors to find out what shaves your head best. Trust us, that’s been tried many times before. Since the Cobra Finger Razor is designed for the best head-shaving experience, it quickly converts to allow you to easily switch from head to face and ensures you will always look your best with silky-smooth closeness. Because of the unique curved design, you can grip the razor in a way that is most comfortable for you and this results in the closest and most comfortable shave for your head. After you try it once, you’ll quickly realize that it’s the only razor you’ll ever need for head shaving. Cobra Razors offers a starter kit that has everything you’ll need to maintain your new look. With this starter kit, you are going to get all the high-quality essentials in a DIY Head Shaving Kit. The best-designed head shaver is combined with luxurious Vitamin E aftershave lotion, to transform your shaving duties into an enjoyable experience. With the replacement blades and Aloe shave gel included, you’ll be guaranteed to get the closest, most refreshing shave experience available whenever you like. The Cobra Razor is the absolute Best Head Shaving Razors and dual use razors on the market – see for yourself! The Cobra Razor is proudly made in America, and we personally use every product we sell. If you want more information on Cobra head shaving products, please visit our website at www.cobrarazors.com. If you need to contact us, you can always use our customer service form on our website or give us a call at 302-715-1716.
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