Finger Razor For Shaving Head

Shaved heads are everywhere. Head shaving has not just become a necessity for people with thinning or balding hair, it’s actually becoming fashionable. But shaving your head every day is a pain. Regular razors nick and cut your scalp, and they just can’t seem to get you that baby-soft shave on the first pass. There are not really many head shaving products on the market that can do the job the right way. A finger razor for shaving head and face, the CR1000 Razor from Cobra does it all! This uniquely designed razor provides a comfortable finger grip for shaving your head and converts to a face shaver with the clock of a button. Cobra Razors is the brainchild of Chris Coviello. After years of trying every razor on the market to shave his head, Chris came up with the idea to develop a unique razor that was perfect for shaving not just your head, but your face too. After a year of trial and modification, Chris finally arrived at the razor you see today – the Cobra Razor. The Cobra Razor Head Shaving Kit contains everything you need to get started. Our starter kit comes with a razor, razor stand, one 4-blade cartridge and one 6-blade replacement cartridge, 4 extra replacement cartridges (4 or 6 blade) along with soap, deodorant, moisturizer, and soothing Konjac Sponge. You get all the supplies and tools to get started for less than you would pay for a traditional razor and replacement blades. It’s a great way to begin giving your scalp the most comfortable, closest shave ever. The Cobra CR1000 head shaving razors are engineered so that you can hold it as a comfortable finger razor, allowing you to shave your head in just minutes. Some men spend up to 20 minutes each day shaving their head. The CR1000 razor gets you a closer, smoother shave in just a few quick passes. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and gives you more control over your shave. With the Head Shaving Kit, you don’t need to worry about finding multiple products to begin shaving your head. It’s all in there! This is the perfect starter package for those who are just beginning to shave their head, or for the experienced head shaver that is just fed up with all the other poor performing razors on the market. The CR1000 comes with both a 4-blad and a 6-blade cartridge. The 4-blade cartridge works well for most faces and heads. But for some, the 6-blade cartridge delivers a closer shave that is more comfortable for stubborn beards and a coarse scalp. Both blades deliver an extraordinarily close shave for both face and head. The Cobra Razor is the absolute best head shaving razor and dual use razor on the market – see for yourself! The Cobra Razor is proudly made in America, and we personally use every product we sell. If you want more information on Cobra head shaving products, please visit our website at If you need to contact us, you can always use our customer service form on our website or give us a call at 302-715-1716.
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