Introducing Cobra Razors

Compared to decades of the past, baldness is in style today. It used to be uncommon to see a completely bald man, but now their everywhere. Men choose to shave their heads for a variety of reasons, but after they do they come to realize the trouble it takes to maintain a completely smooth scalp. Most razors are designed to shave your face and not your head. The straight handles make it difficult to follow the contour of your head, and nicks and cuts just seem to come with the territory. Other Head Shaving Products can get your hair down to fine stubble, but there’s never been an easy way to get it baby-bottom smooth – until now. Introducing Cobra Razors. An innovative new design on traditional face razors. Cobra Razors is the brainchild of Chris Coviello. After years of trying every razor on the market to shave his head, Chris came up with the idea to develop a unique razor that was perfect for shaving not just your head, but your face too. After a year of trial and modification, Chris finally arrived at the razor you see today – the Cobra Razor. The Cobra Razor is easy to grip in the “open” position, and it’s ergonomic shape feels as if it were molded to your hand to give you a close, comfortable face shave. In the closed position, it becomes an easily controllable Head Shaving Razor that allows a comfortable grip so that you can more accurately follow the contour of your head. The innovative handle feature allows you to quickly switch between head and face shaving with the click of a button. Cobra razors are expertly designed and engineered to transform from a comfortable face shaving razor to allow you to shave your head in just minutes. Men using other Head Shaving Products spend 20 to 30 minutes to shave their head. But with the Cobra, you now have the fastest, safest head shaver at your fingertips. The Cobra razor comes with a 4-blade and a 6-blade cartridge. The 4-blade cartridge works well for most faces and heads. The 6-blade offers a selection for finer blade, providing a closer shave for different types of beards or hair. The “closed” handle is designed to fit your middle finger comfortably, allowing for a firm grip while shaving your head. This intelligent design allows you to have more control over your shave, and makes it extremely easy to get to the back of your head and behind your ears. With the Cobra, changing the blades is easy as well. Just pull out the buttons near the blade, pop in a new cartridge, and push the buttons back in to lock it in place. The razor is high-quality, built to last, and cleans up quickly in warm soapy water. If you’re fed up with trying everything to properly shave your head, give the Cobra a try, it’s the only razor you’ll ever need. The Cobra Razor is the absolute best Head Shaving Razor and dual use razor on the market – see for yourself! The Cobra Razor is proudly made in America, and we personally use every product we sell. If you want more information on Cobra head shaving products, please visit our website at If you need to contact us, you can always use our customer service form on our website or give us a call at 302-715-1716.
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