Proper Bald Head Care

Did you know that your skin is part of the integumentary organ system? That’s right, your skin is an organ which is all the more reason to take proper care of it. We all know that women tend to preen themselves more than men do but it is just as important for men to take care of themselves. Not only take care of their bodies, but, take care of their heads, especially their bald heads. This is why proper bald head care is so important. Your scalp has more blood vessels and more nerve endings than any other area of your body. This is why your scalp always seems quite a bit more sensitive and exactly why proper bald head care is essential. So let’s start at the beginning of your routine. Let’s start in the shower. To avoid having dry skin try not to take too hot of a shower, especially in the colder months when it tends to be more arid in general. Use a high quality shampoo and don’t skimp on massaging your head. That massaging action helps loosen any trapped dirt and grime as well as helps promote blood circulation and will make shaving your head easier. Shampooing is a necessary step to proper bald head care. However, if you have extra, super sensitive or dry skin using a fresh sponge and a cleansing glycerin soap. Natural glycerin soaps are an excellent alternative to shampoo for your bald head care routine and will also work well on your face. The next step to proper bald head care is shaving your head. There are so many razors out there but to be honest, there are no products quite like the Cobra Razor. This razor was specifically designed to give you the best control, the closest shave, the easiest shave, and the most comfortable shave you could possibly have. This razor makes bald head care quick, easy, and painless. It has an ergonomic grip which no other company comes close to. This grip makes shaving your head second nature instead of a chore. Pair this razor with some of their aloe shave gel (be careful, the aloe shave gel works wonders for women too, your lady might steal it), and you will have a soft, smooth, touchable head. The last absolutely necessary step to your bald head care is using your after shave lotion. Try to avoid alcohol based lotions as these tend to dry your skin instead of moisturizing it, and no one like a flaky head. And while you’re applying this after shave lotion feel free to massage your head again (isn’t this fun?). Again, this gets your blood pumping and let’s be honest, a head massage just feels fantastic. After the moisturizing step don’t forget to apply sunscreen during the summer months. If you work outside a lot be sure to buy a hat to protect your head. Proper bald head care takes some effort, but when done right, it looks and feels amazing. There is no need to be ashamed of thinning hair anymore, not with great products to help you transition into a new bald head lifestyle. So do it up guys. Embrace the bald. Want More info for Proper Bald Head Care? Click here. Don't Forget to check out our other great products! Make sure to check out our awesome Cobra Razor head shaving how-to Videos!
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