The Perfect Shave for Your Head and Face

When it comes to shaving your head, you can try out a handful of razors until you find the one you like best, or you can find the Best Way to Shave Your Head from the get-go with the Cobra Razor. Cobra Razors are the first to be ergonomically designed to be used as a finger razor, and then easily convert to a face razor with just the click of a button to provide the perfect shave for your head and face. Cobra Razors is the brainchild of Chris Coviello. After years of trying every razor on the market to shave his head, Chris came up with the idea to develop a unique razor that was perfect for shaving not just your head, but your face too. After a year of trial and modification, Chris finally arrived at the razor you see today – the Cobra Razor. The innovative design of the Cobra allows you to quickly shave your head in only two minutes. The finger grip offers a way to keep the same hold on the razor whether you are shaving from front to back or back to front, eliminating the need to continually change from awkward positions. The four and six blade cartridges are precision manufactured to give you the closest, most comfortable shave you can find in a Head Shaving Razor. Anyone who has just started their new life as a bald man has understandably face frustration in finding the perfect implement for shaving their head. Most begin by trying to shave their head with their everyday face razor. They soon find out it doesn’t work as it should on the varying contours of a person’s head. Many end up using two different razors – one for their face and a separate one for their head. The Cobra Razor provides the perfect tool to shave both your head and face with the same razor, while obtaining the same close, comfortable shave. Thousands of men every day decide the bald look is for them. But shaving your head actually sounds easier than it actually is. Chris came up with the Cobra head shaving razor as the Best Way to Shave Your Head, while still delivering a great shave for your face. Traditional razors aren’t designed to hold and maneuver over the entire contour of your head. Cobra Razors replace the clumsy, awkward feeling of a traditional razor with the smooth, comfortable grip of a finger razor. Baldness is not only common today, but it’s stylish. But part of the style includes maintaining a completely bald head. When you shave your head, you don’t want to spend countless hours working on your scalp. You want to get in and out, as you would with shaving your face. The Cobra Razor allows you to shave your head in minutes and head out on the road with the smoothest, closest shave ever. See for yourself - the Cobra Razor is the absolute best Head Shaving Razor and dual use razors on the market. The Cobra Razor is proudly made in America, and we personally use every product we sell. If you want more information about Cobra head shaving products, please visit our website at If you need to contact us, you can always use our customer service form on our website or give us a call at 302-715-1716.
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