About Cobra Razors

The Cobra Razor

I want to share with you a little insight into how Cobra Razors came into being. I’ve always been the sort of guy who comes up with ideas and solutions for everyday problems – I actually have a notebook full of various ideas, and one of those ideas had to do with shaving. I started shaving my head in 2005. After years of trying every razor I could find – costing anywhere from $2 to $40 apiece – I had a box full of failures. I eventually settled on using two different razors, one for my face and one for my head. One day I glanced at the two razors sitting on my vanity and thought “There has to be a way to combine the two”. I searched for a solution and found nothing, so this became another idea and set of sketches in my notebook. An attorney friend of mine was flipping through my notebook and noticed my razor idea. I explained my frustrations with the market and told him that my idea was a way to have the best of both worlds: a head razor and a face razor, all in one. He told me to patent my idea right away, and I did. Of course this also involved proving that my idea would actually work, so off I went to the craft store for supplies to make a model. It was a crude first attempt but at least it proved my concept. This led to hiring an engineer to create 3D drawings, which led to 3D printing of parts I could actually see and touch. It was really cool to have a physical model of what once only existed in my head. Once I had the 3D parts and could hold this new razor in my hand, I saw 50 more modifications that I needed to make. Some were cosmetic and some functional. After a year of trial and error, I finally arrived at the razor that you see today.

The Skin Care Products

I also had another issue, this one related to shaving lotions and creams. Most of these foams and other such products are petroleum based, and they dried out my skin terribly – to the point where I had to rub lotion on my head after shaving. So I began searching for a natural shave gel, and soon found a laboratory that produces an organic shave gel made from aloe. This new gel solved all of my dry skin problems. Out of this came a dedication to finding and providing to customers the best, most natural skin-care products out there which can be used both with and, as in the case of our soaps, without our razors. We are proud to produce the best dual use razor on the market, as well as the highest quality products for your skin. Not only do I use every product we make and sell, but my wife – who happens to be a certified skin technician – uses our products as well. All of the time and effort put into developing our Cobra Razor and other skin products has been worth it. I know that you’ll love our products just as much as we do. -Chris Coviello Owner, Cobra Razors