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  • Cobra Razors proudly supports the Operation Gratitude through their donations of razor gift boxes.
  • Cobra Razors are the only 2-in-1 head and face razors that are Made in America.

the fastest, safest shave you’ve ever had

One Razor for Ultimate Control & Extreme Comfort

Cobra Razor Head Position

for your head

In the "closed" position, the Cobra Razor handle becomes a finger grip, giving you maximum control as the Cobra Blade strikes even the hardest to reach places.

Cobra Razor Face Position

for your face

In the “open” position, the Cobra Razor's balanced, ergonomic shape feels as if it were molded to your hand for a close, comfortable shave for your face.

One Razor for Ultimate Control & Extreme Comfort

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Instructional video

Owner and founder Chris explains what to expect when you receive your new Cobra Razor in the mail. He also demonstrates how to use the cobra razor to maximize its performance on your head and face.

Holding the Razor

Holding the razor

In the "Head" or "Closed" position place the handle of the razor over the middle finger. Use your first and third fingers to provide control of the body. In the "Face" or "Open" position, use like you would any other razor.

Moving the Handle

Moving the handle

Slide the tab on the bottom of the razor's body toward the blade to unlock the handle. While the tab is in this position, the handle is unlocked and moves freely between the "Head" and "Face" positions. Release the tab to return it to the locked position.

Changing the Blade

changing the blades

Squeeze inward on the two mushroom-shaped tabs above the blade to release the blade from the dock. Slide a new blade into position, and release the tabs to lock the blade in place.

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