4 Blade Shaving System for Your Head

Shaving your head sounds easier than it actually is. Thousands of men shave their heads every day, and many struggle with holding the razor and concentrating on getting a close shave. Traditional razors aren’t easy to hold and maneuver over your scalp. They just seem awkward and clumsy, slipping out of your hand time and again. Now there’s a better solution, the versatile Cobra CR1000 4 blade shaving system for your head! Cobra Razors is the brainchild of Chris Coviello. After years of trying every razor on the market to shave his head, Chris came up with the idea to develop a unique razor that was perfect for shaving not just your head, but your face too. After a year of trial and modification, Chris finally arrived at the razor you see today – the Cobra Razor. The Cobra CR1000 head shaving razors are quality engineered so that you can hold it as a comfortable finger razor, easily controlling it with your fingertips and allowing you to shave your head in just minutes. The 4 blade and 6 blade cartridges offer the closest shave you’ll ever get for your head or face. They hug the contour of your scalp, and are micro-engineered to help reduce annoying nicks and cuts. Transforming the razor into a handheld razor for your face takes just the click of a button. The finger grip unfolds into a comfortable contoured handle that works just like your traditional razors. If you like to shave both your face and your head at the same time, then the Cobra CR1000 is the razor you’ve been waiting for. Both Cobra Starter Kit and the individual CR1000 comes with 4-blade and 6-blade Replacement Razor Blades. The 4-blade cartridge works well for most faces and heads. But for some, the 6-blade cartridge delivers a closer shave that is more comfortable for stubborn beards and a coarse scalp. Both blades deliver an extraordinarily close shave for both face and head, but it’s a good idea to give them both a try and see which one you like best. There is also a Cobra Starter Kit that comes with all the essential products needed to begin shaving your head the right way. Just personalize your kit, and you’re on your way! First, you get to pick your razor from a choice of three different color schemes. Next, choose the number of blades you would like for your Replacement Razor Blades. The CR1000 head shaving razor can support both a 4-blade and a 6-blade cartridge, and both deliver a great shave. Then choose from 5 great smelling Glycerin soaps, and a choice of three different sponge colors. The Cobra Razor is the absolute best head shaving razor and dual use razor on the market – see for yourself! The Cobra Razor is proudly made in America, and we personally use every product we sell. If you want more information on Cobra head shaving products, please visit our website at www.cobrarazors.com. If you need to contact us, you can always use our customer service form on our website or give us a call at 302-715-1716.
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