Cobra Razors: Made in America & More!

Before there is a market and a product, there is an individual or a group of people trying to get something started. This is where that culture of a company begins to form. It is the individuals that represent the organization that everyone sees first. It is the foundation. That is why it is important to think twice and act once as often as possible.

Product Comes First

We had to hose down both our marketing and sales departments this month. Both are ready chomping, shouting, and snorting to talk about Cobra Razor’s innovative 2-in-1 head and face shaver and our 3-step shaving system. However, we are putting a little more time in the front end to ensure that our razor truly is the best 2-in-1 head and face-shaving razor in the world.

Made In America

Cobra Razors is proud to announce that the patent pending, 2-in-1 head and facing shaving tool, the CR1000 razor, will be manufactured in the USA effective immediately. The move works on two levels for us. We are happy that we can share our success with fellow Americans. Additionally, making all of our products in the U.S. will improve our quality control. It is win-win situation.
Cobra Razor with Flag Background The Made In America CR1000 Head & Face Razor

New & Improved Website

In less than two months of opening our doors, we have upgraded our website twice to make it more accommodating and entertaining to shoppers and visitors. A blog, which you are reading now (thanks!), and a new shopping cart have been added to the website. Our products also are available on Amazon and eBay.

Enhanced Social Network

Two weeks deep into launching Cobra Razors, it was determined that the creating an entertaining online experience through our social network channels would bring us closer to all of you. Along with our blog posts from Cobra Country, we also are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Only the Beginning!

Our next move is to offer sales, special promos on the entire product line, and a newsletter of sorts. We also have some news on alliances and sponsorships that we have established that is pretty exciting news too. No headlines is the headline … over and out from Cobra Razors!
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