Cobra Razors Salutes Operation Gratitude

We recently received a very gracious, thank you letter from Carolyn Blasek, the president and founder of Operation Gratitude. It truly was our pleasure to get involved with the good work done by Ms. Blasek’s organization. We were thrilled to donate our razors, which will be placed into the care packages sent out to tens of thousands of brave men and women deployed overseas, their children and families, veterans, new recruits, first respondents, wounded warriors, and their caregivers. Taking the time to write out personal notes for each of the packages gave all us time to reflect and puts into perspective.
Support our Troops image Operation Gratitude
Since its inception in 2002, more than 1.1 million Operation Gratitude Care Packages have been sent out to America’s unsung heroes. These special packages go a long way in making our deployed soldiers feel appreciated, loved, and respected by the people for their service. Our small donation to Operation Gratitude was our way of saying thank you to the men and women who risk their lives for us. This quote made by a PFC (private first class) deployed in Kuwait during the holiday season says it all. “It’s Christmas morning over here in Kuwait, and your box is the only present I got to open today and let me tell you – I was all smiles and teared up a couple times with what those wonderful, beautiful kids wrote. It’s hard being away from my wife and two daughters but words and gifts and support made it a little easier. It means the world to all of us over here on the other side of the world!” We would like to express our gratitude to Carolyn Blasek, for her generosity, kindness, and exemplary citizenship. We are honored to have had the chance to work with Operation Gratitude. Visit, follow them on social networks, and most importantly, get involved.
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