Glycerin Soaps- Why Use Them?

Did you know that most soaps that are sold in stores aren’t actually soaps? A true soap is made with fats treated with an alkali and water. It doesn’t sound great but it is effective and that’s what really matters, isn’t it? But what all goes into making glycerin soaps? Are glycerin soaps alright for all skin types or are there certain skin types that should avoid using it? I will answer those questions and explain why glycerin soaps are beneficial to us.

The process of making glycerin soaps has been well known since about 1857 in the Western world. You can get glycerin from vegetable oil, tallow, or lard. Up until 1889 soap makers would get the glycerin from candle makers that used to use animal fats for candles. Nowadays we know that glycerin is also a byproduct of making soap in general because natural soap is made of fat and lye. Glycerin soaps use that byproduct after it is cleaned and distilled and then go through a hot process which is when salt or sugar and alcohol is added. Glycerin itself is colorless and odorless so therefore many people will add essential oils to give the soap scent.

Glycerin naturally absorbs water from the air which means it is hygroscopic. This makes it an excellent moisturizing soap because it will draw moisture from your shower into your skin. Glycerin soaps can be used on all skin types and are really great to use for people who have allergies to chemicals. Glycerin soaps are especially good at relieving symptoms of psoriasis and eczema because they are so gentle and do such a great job of keeping the skin moisturized, The more you use your glycerin soaps the softer and more supple your skin will become. Glycerin soaps are also phenomenal for cleansing your skin and it is effective enough to help with acne prone skin. Glycerin soaps will also help prevent wrinkles and help with stretch marks. This is why it’s an exceptional soap for everyone to use.

Glycerin, for the most part, is all natural. Some companies can manufacture glycerin, however, it’s the best moisturizer is when it’s natural. Glycerin can be vegan as well, you just have to read the labels. Glycerin has many uses outside of soap as well. It has a sweet taste but doesn’t have much of an affect on blood sugar so it can be used as a sweetener in low sugar diets. It’s used in many different foods such as candies to give them a softer texture. Glycerin also has many pharmaceutical uses, and is often used in things such as cough medicine. Glycerin soaps are not the only personal care items that uses the glycerin. It is often used in shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. Almost everything that has a moisturizing quality to it uses glycerin.

Glycerin soaps are a truly wonderful item to have in your personal care regimen, especially if you have sensitive skin or any skin conditions in general. It can give you that healthy glow that everyone wants. So next time you need to grab some new soap perhaps avoid those other soaps that leave you with the tight, dry feeling, and grab yourself a couple bars of some glycerin soaps instead.

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