Not Just Another Head Razor

Cobra Razors Starter Kit Cobra Razors Starter Kit
Day after day after day we see one gimmick after another. There are gimmicks surrounding us and constantly bombarding us; even under other guises such as “life hacks” or “limited editions”, and so on. We are told to get the newest, coolest, most up-to-date products daily, from every direction. We see billboards while we drive, ads while we watch T.V., ads while we surf the internet, and ads while we sleep (because they end up being the soundtrack to our nightmares). You know where we don’t need any more gimmicks? With our razors. Not just our razors but, more specifically, the ones we use on our heads. Our head razor is important, it can make or break our days. It can help or hinder you. This is no gimmick. This is a tried and true razor created by a guy who uses a head razor, for guys who use head razors. Cobra Razors was created by Chris Coviello - a man, just like you, who wanted a solution to a problem. After many frustrating attempts with other razors he just wasn’t satisfied with his options and had a whole slew of failed razors sitting in a box. After all the struggle, he had settled with a razor for his face and a head razor. Well, no one likes clutter, and he wanted to find a way to make it easier for himself. Chris likes to problem solve; it’s just his thing. He didn’t want to have numerous razors sitting in his bathroom when he knew he could come up with a solution to his quandary. He didn’t realize that he had come up with the solution until a friend of his was glancing through his ideas and spotted the razor. Chris patented the idea and saw it come to life. He also saw some flaws, which he fixed, and after a year of adjusting this, that, and the other thing the Cobra face and head razor was born. This is the razor you are reading about right now. This is the razor you need to own. A Cobra Razor is not just another razor. This is the quintessential face and head razor. It is ergonomically designed to give you the best grip in whichever position you use it. Everything about this razor has been taken into consideration, including the blades. There are two blade options; a four or a six blade cartridge. The four blade option is perfect for thick, course hair and will always wash away clean because of the open architecture on the back. The six blade option is great for finer hair because it will get all those pesky hairs other blades miss, and again, the open construction allows it to wash clean with little effort. The awesomeness of this razor doesn’t end there. This face and head razor is carefully crafted in America. There probably isn’t anything much more American than this razor, except, perhaps, a pin-up in a 1969 Dodge Challenger with a pit bull at her side carrying a Smith and Wesson. Do yourself a favor. Trash your current head razor. Trash your current face razor. Buy a Cobra Razor. You will thank yourself for it!
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