Welcome to Cobra Country!

We are the new guys on the block in the men’s grooming industry. Since this is our first blog post on our upgraded website, it is an ideal time to start this relationship off the right way. Cobra Razors is a group of honest, hardworking, and fun-loving people who are determined to provide the greatest shaving experience on the planet for people who shave their head. Our CR1000 razor is a 2-in-1 shaving tool that is perfect for your head and face. We believe that it is the best in the world at it.

Making Head Way!

Now, if we simply said that we were the best because our boss (and inventor) and the marketing guy said so, that would be puffery … as in smoke being blown upwardly in a direction where most would not appreciate feeling it. So, that is why we have been reaching out to the DIY head-shaving community, offering individuals the opportunity to try out our CR1000 razor, and then give us some feedback about their experience. We have even made a special effort to find “test shavers” that use the currently rated number-one head-shaving razor. Why waste time? We were and still remain curious to know what the real users think about our product how it rates. We have sent out several free shaving kits over the past few weeks.

Buzz from the Head Shavers

So far, the data we have collected and reviewed is by no means sufficient to support an in depth study. However, it was enough to let us know that we are heading in the right direction and gaining momentum. As long as we know our product is great, we can figure out how to market it better. However, if the product were bad, a perfect marketing plan would only lead people to discovering that on their own anyway. Our original plan was to talk about how well things are progressing with our “test-shavers.” But, we did change out minds on that. Instead, we are going to keep it simple and real. The best way to do that is by letting you see what they sent to us. So, we are just going to post their videos and comments here and on our social networks. The first testimony we got in came from Andre McKay. Andre took a moment and shared his feelings on shaving his head and face with our CR1000 razor on a short video.

Open Community

While most of our customers are men, we openly welcome all head shavers equally. We are hopeful that all visitors find our content entertaining and interesting. However, with that said, we will be mostly posting material about smart, cool, and badass bald folks. When it doubt … shave it off!
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