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Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

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We like it when things work around here. And we like it when things that work are also good for us. So we created a natural deodorant that gives you 24 hour protection for your active lifestyle without messing up your skin. It’s a superb blend of minerals and vitamins that will give your arsenal of personal care products that extra edge against odor and perspiration. We don’t use any aluminum or petroleum in our natural deodorant and we don’t test it on animals because we happen to like animals. This is made of all the natural goodness our bodies crave, even if you are just putting it in your armpits (hey man, that’s skin too). Individual results may vary because we are all just a little different.


  • Hypoallergenic deodorant
  • Utilizes the botanical Lichen which inhibits odor causing bacteria
  • Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E help inhibit perspiration & moisturize skin

Benefits & Features

  • Eliminates surface bacteria
  • Works in tandem with your body instead of against it
  • Natural active ingredients, organic extracts
  • Aluminum salt and petroleum free
  • Silky and non-sticky, gentle on the skin
  • Vegan, no animal testing


Apply generously to underarms only


Glycerin (veg), propanediol (veg), aqua, sodium stearate, silica, cellulose gel, algin, equisetum arvense, galium aparine, quercus alba, uncaria tomentosa, salvia officinalis, hyssopus officinalis, centaurea cyanus, baptisia tinctoria, aloe barbadensis leaf eaxtract, chondrus crispus, humic acid. May contain fragrance.

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